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Cassandra: Shop Owner/Author

Homestead Instagram: @howlingwindshomestead

Herbalist 12+ years

Soap Maker


Kitchen dweller

Cemetery wanderer

Lover of all things black

Outdoor/Wildlife enthusiast

Glen: @howlingwindsaxeandtool (Instagram)

Partner in crime

Ax maker/Craftsman

Tool enthusiast

Garage dweller

Swap Meet Store wanderer

Lover of all things forged

Outdoor/Antique enthusiast

Our Work

Handmade high quality, small batch, sustainable goods. Specializing in natural soaps that work FOR the health of your skin, handmade Ax restoration/customs, and cleavers. Recipe and DIY blogs, and seasonal specials. 

We run a multi acre homestead in the rural woods, organic garden, raise chickens, dogs and teenagers.. with a whole lot of silliness, dry humor and real-life honesty along the way. We love the environment and wilderness life...

You won't find forced aesthetic or manipulating marketing here, but you will find humble, silly souls getting through it, just like you are. One hairbrained idea after the other...

Thank you for growing with us! and Welcome!

(Please see above links for instagrams, and Author links if interested in Cassandra's works of fiction.)


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(in cliff's notes)

Two kids from CA meet at age 10&13. Add some water balloon fights, skateboards, one prom, a rock and roll wedding, 3 kids and a cross country move to CT in 2016, and here we are! After years of struggle/sacrifice, we bought a few acre homestead in March 2020, and are building our best life together, one amazing success and hilarious mishap at a time. 

Kick off your boots and come on in, drinks are in the fridge, goofiness and shenanigans on tap. Don't mind the skulls, do mind the forge. Please pet the dogs.











2023 coming in hot!


Happy 2023 folks!

     As we tip toe into 2023 (or run in, fires blazing and screaming, I support both of course!) all of us over here on the Homestead, want to thank you, and wish you well for the upcoming year. We continue to strive for excellence and thrive amongst the chaos we have all found ourselves in the past few years, as you all have, and we humbly applaud you all for showing up for yourselves, still persevering, and showing up for us, so that we may continue to work hard and chase the joy.  Don't give in, you got this.

     While we enjoy the winter, we are actively drafting plans for spring, more property clean up (the last owners left us 17 years of land/tree neglect) and plans to continue our pursuit of a producing garden and happy animals. Speaking of animals, after almost 3 years of never having lost one, we sadly lost 2 chickens in the last month, one to a hawk, and the other who just couldn't handle the wicked cold snap we had recently, despite our grand efforts to insulate and bed them down.

     So far, we have kept the 2 coyote packs and bobcats at bay, (We have a no kill policy unless directly threatened, they are just being true to predator nature, and we respect that.) our working dog providing a perimeter and patrol like a good boy. We sadly accepted the chicken lesson and are continuing to fortify our land best we can with the resources we have, while not disturbing the habitat we are trying to preserve on our acres.

     After years of sales and feedback, the shoppe is now focused to the items you all like/need the most, give or take some seasonal goods. Less frills, more dedication to the importance. This will help me keep them restocked more often and in larger quantities. A listing for custom axes and cleavers will be added soon, so far his books have been neverendingly full but we are hoping to get one up as Glen works hard to keep up with demand. Until then, continue to reach out to him directly to reserve your slot. 

     Thank you for a wonderful season and stay tuned! We are excited for the new things we have been getting ready for!


In side news:

2023 is going to be a busy publishing year with two books coming out. Follow the links below for updates, drop dates and the amazing merch coming soon. has links to follow the Author aspect, with a link to purchase my books as soon as I have the green light to do so!

-I post herbal information and mini videos of our homestead journey (and make an ass of myself) on my TikTok, give it a follow (@coolhandcass). Currently over 60K enjoying my cheap entertainment.


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