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Herbalist 11+ yrs

Soap Queen 5+yrs


Kitchen dweller

Chicken whisperer

Cemetery wanderer

Lover of all things black

Outdoor enthusiast

Animal Lover



Partner in crime


Ax maker

Blacksmith enthusiast

Garage dweller

MamaCass calmer

HardwareStore wanderer

Lover of all things forged

Outdoor enthusiast

Antiques lover


Handmade high quality, small batch, sustainable goods. Specializing in natural soaps that work FOR the health of your skin from our homestead apothecary, with some candles too! Handmade Ax restoration/customs and forged goods from the workshop shop. We also have seasonal gifts and apparel.

We run a multi acre homestead in the rural woods, organic garden, raise chickens, dogs and teenagers.. with a whole lot of silliness, dry humor and real life honesty along the way. We love the environment and the wilderness life...

We just do it with an edge and don't take ourselves too seriously, because  Laughter gets you through life.

We are the home for the misfits, loud laughers, outside the box thinkers, the unique and the REAL.

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(in cliff's notes)

Two kids from CA meet at age 10&13. Add some water balloon fights, skateboards, one prom, a rock and roll wedding, 3 amazing kids and a cross country move to CT, and here we are! After years of struggle/sacrifice, we bought a few acre homestead in March 2020, and are building our best life together, one amazing success and hilarious mishap at a time.

Kick off your boots and come on in, drinks is in the fridge, goofyness and shenanigans on tap.












 The last harvesting has been done, the chickens are bedded in warmth, the land is quieting down, as are we (short of all the holiday shenanigans of course!). The homestead is decorated for Christmas, and we are welcoming the cold air and snow. 

 This quieter time of year when the land sleeps is one for inner growth and reflection, and we already are sowing mental seeds for next year even before the snow shovels come out! Hope you all have a wonderful holidays season, and if you aren't already subscribed please do, so you can get those yummy recipes, updates, and keep up with new products and restocks!

Shipping is done for the year as of Dec.10th. Restocks and brand new offerings are slated for mid January! Subscribers watch your inbox for first grabs on all the new goodies and your favs!


We certainly enjoy growing food and working the land, but our family are Fall & Winter folks through and through. We have eagerly anticipated the cooler months, deep rest and baking season. Hope you all have stayed healthy and safe during these continued uncertain and trying times. Keep flowing with the seasons... and thank you for being here.



I post herbal information and mini videos of the ups and downs of our homestead journey on my TikTok, give it a follow (@coolhandcass), as well as fun silly content with a splash of dark humor, because we truly believe in staying silly forever. We are also working towards a YouTube and Patreon as soon as time allows. Baby steps.

The Ax blades are forever blazing across the grinder, as herbal tinctures/oils are steeping, magic is swirling, soaps always curing.

Stay tuned for more and as always, thanks for growing with us.

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