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Handmade high quality, small batch, sustainable goods. Specializing in natural soaps that work FOR the health of your skin from our homestead apothecary, handmade Ax restoration/customs and forged goods from the workshop. We also have seasonal gifts.

We run a multi acre homestead in the rural woods, organic garden, raise chickens, dogs and teenagers.. with a whole lot of silliness, dry humor and real life honesty along the way. We love the environment and the wilderness life...

We are the home for the misfits, loud laughers, outside the box thinkers, the unique and the REAL. You won't find forced aesthetic or manipulating marketing here, but you will find humble silly souls getting through it, just like you are. One hairbrained idea after the other...

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(in cliff's notes)

Two kids from CA meet at age 10&13. Add some water balloon fights, skateboards, one prom, a rock and roll wedding, 3 amazing kids and a cross country move to CT, and here we are! After years of struggle/sacrifice, we bought a few acre homestead in March 2020, and are building our best life together, one amazing success and hilarious mishap at a time.

Kick off your boots and come on in, drinks are in the fridge, goofyness and shenanigans on tap. Don't mind the skulls, Do mind the forge. Please pet the dogs.











Autumn 2022

 WE MADE PICKLES FOR THE FIRST TIME! To say I am excited would be an understatement. We have some very happy cucumber plants and they turned out delicious. The recipe has been posted in the blog and I will be sure to post more as we try new ones. 

MOST of the plants seem happy and healthy, -especially the green beans, our fav- but we are definitely learning to battle new pests we have not seen before, and I'm pretty sure I have more cuts on my hands than a cage fighter. I am grateful the storms have been gentle this year and we are able to get some good practice in on our crops. Lots of tomatoes, so ketchup and spaghetti sauce recipes are sure to follow. Got my hands on the Bread Bible book finally, (It's $45, so finding it brand new for $3 at the library was no doubt the highlight of my book-nerd life) so winter should have plenty of baking recipes posted as well, as it is one of my favorite things to do and I have been on a mission to master bread for years.

WE are halfway through building a better and more permanent chicken coop (we will post the new digs on Tiktok when it's done) and the recent Fall update for herbal & fall themed soaps will be LIVE Aug.5th. Slowly but surely this neglected land is being tended in every spare second we have, and it's coming together. We are learning so much this year. 

I continue to work on my book series with stacks of composition books full of dozens of future book ideas being added as I go along. Being a writer my whole life, finally braving the publishing  journey has been a scary endeavor, but I am thrilled, and so ready. Follow the links below if you like fiction, for updates and drop dates! 

THE old man has a round of incredible cleavers coming out soon, while juggling his every growing order list for axes and his full-time job. Be sure to check in on his work, it is beautiful and the cleavers are *chefs kiss. 

Homeschool starts up again after labor day, and it is our twins last year in school. Bittersweet. As much as I CRAVE bare feet and adore growing food, Winter is my favorite season. I can already see the Fall leaves and crave the cold snowy air. Some people claim I'm insane, but I would not dare argue, for they are right, and I am ok with being the odd one out adoring every snowstorm and enjoying shoveling. We almost ended up in Alaska, but the love of snow is very much my own, not shared by the rest of my brood unfortunately. Compromise. Summer is not my bag. Hoping to have lots of things to Can in my pressure canner to reward me for this heat, because I will happily bid it goodbye when the air turns crisp. Of course, Halloween is just a joy I live for. 

Hope you all have enjoyed your summer, and have found great success in your adventures. Stay awesome.


 Keep flowing with the seasons... and thank you for being here.


I post herbal information and mini videos of our homestead journey (and make an ass of myself) on my TikTok, give it a follow (@coolhandcass). Currently over 60K enjoying my cheap entertainment.


You can follow MamaCass' Book releases and author humor on her writer TikTok Account: @c.k.haworth 

The Ax blades are forever blazing across the grinder, as herbal tinctures/oils are steeping, magic is swirling, soaps always curing.

Stay tuned for more and as always, thanks for growing with us.

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