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-Cassandra xoxo is where you will find links to everything!

Cassandra: Shop Owner/Author

Homestead Instagram: @howlingwindshomestead

Herbalist 12+ years

Soap Maker


Kitchen dweller

Cemetery wanderer

Lover of all things black

Outdoor/Wildlife enthusiast

Glen: @howlingwindsaxeandtool (Instagram)

Partner in crime

Ax maker/Craftsman

Tool enthusiast

Garage dweller

Swap Meet Store wanderer

Lover of all things forged

Outdoor/Antique enthusiast

Our Work

Handmade high quality, small batch, sustainable goods. Specializing in natural soaps that work FOR the health of your skin, handmade Ax restoration/customs, and cleavers. Recipe and DIY blogs, and seasonal specials. 

We run a multi acre homestead in the rural woods, organic garden, raise chickens, dogs and teenagers.. with a whole lot of silliness, dry humor and real-life honesty along the way. We love the environment and wilderness life...

You won't find forced aesthetic or manipulating marketing here, but you will find humble, silly souls getting through it, just like you are. One hairbrained idea after the other...

Thank you for growing with us! and Welcome!

(Please see above links for instagrams, and Author links if interested in Cassandra's works of fiction.)


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(in cliff's notes)

Two kids from CA meet at age 10&13. Add some water balloon fights, skateboards, one prom, a rock and roll wedding, 3 kids and a cross country move to CT in 2016, and here we are! After years of struggle/sacrifice, we bought a few acre homestead in March 2020, and are building our best life together, one amazing success and hilarious mishap at a time. 

Kick off your boots and come on in, drinks are in the fridge, goofiness and shenanigans on tap. Don't mind the skulls, do mind the forge. Please pet the dogs.











Fall/Winter 2023


Well the crops are escalating and finishing up production simultaneously depending on the type, and we are making plans to clear some land for more greenhouses (funds and universe willing) to help feed us and hopefully, donate flowers to local hospitals and nursing homes in the future, once i get the hang of flowers!

Wilderness Whispers (Cassandra's contemporary romance novel) was published in February, and you can grab the first book on her series that dropped June 1st if you like monsters and monster hunters! (with some romance, of course) 

SO... Now it's time for more property clean up at a snail's pace working hard as we can in between day jobs... and continue our pursuit of a producing garden and happy animals. 


Our twins have decided to work in the shoppe to save money for their future, eventually hoping to take it over as my writing career continues to consume me. They will continue training for quality standards and such and are excited for your support as they venture on to be independent and grow!  Cass will continue to handle the Calendula bar.


 Hope all of your plants grew well this season and  and stay safe! We appreciate you so much. xoxo



In other news:

 Follow the links below for updates, drop dates and the amazing merch coming soon about all things C.K.Haworth novels.  has links to buy books, author newsletter, support the author, and author tiktoks and instagrams to stay up to date on preorders, drop dates, cover reveals and more 

-I post herbal information and mini videos of our homestead journey (and make an ass of myself) on my TikTok, give it a follow (@coolhandcass). Currently over 60K enjoying my cheap entertainment.


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