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In The Bottle Cabinet you will find sealed items you may need to aquire for one task or another on your magical journey, and they are very much created to be used as such, but to be fair, and completely honest, they make amazing Halloween decorations or dark aesthetic home decor accents as they are hand crafted beautifully... so its a win across the board for all. This current round was delicately created by a dear friend, please check back often for more additions being manifested and created as we are greatly called to do so.


*While I encourage you to do your homework if you are unfamiliar with these items intentions/uses, here are some very generalized, simplified descriptions to help navigate your selections.


BLACK SEA SALT: (w/ care, as well all know it can stain)(order w/ tag or w/out)

The most common way to use it is to make a line of black salt just outside of the front/back thresholds of your home.

-Keep near your bed (or sprinkle under) to help ward off nightmares

-May also line windows

-Add to floor washes as part of cleansing your home to help purge negativity

-Small bag in your workplace is said to absorb anger, moodiness and gossip.

-Can be used to cast circles (carefully, again, it can stain)


RUSTY IRON: (nails)

-Add them to witches' bottles of protection to keep evil energy away.

-You can carry a bent nail for protection

-Magical work

Fun Fact: An iron nail found near a railroad track brings good luck.


PORCUPINE QUILLS:(order with tag or w/out)

-Can be put in protection bottles

-Jewelry, Porcupine is an animal symbolic of faith, trust, and innocence

-Spell writing/work

Fun Fact: In old texts, and still practiced by many today, When one writes in her Book of Shadows, it is widely considered to be a task only to be accomplished by a pen made from a porcupine quill.









The Bottle Cabinet

$8.50 Regular Price
$5.95Sale Price
  • DO NOT EAT or cook with etc...Best to keep out of direct sunlight/extreme heat. NOT for children keep away from minors and pets, breakable and choking hazard, NOT for consumption AT ALL. Rust can cause health issues, be cautious if opening and wear gloves.

    By purchasing these items you are declaring that you have read the Common Q's/Fact section that contains the legally required disclaimer on the claims of "magic" items and the use of. Thank you.



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