This baby is ALL candle. 6.5oz of catacomb halloween aesthetic. I'd probly keep this forever as decor, however, should you bring yourself to burn it, the scent of Clove will greet you first, with rose and cherry blossom joing the party as the darker outside begins to melt, whisking you away to your favorite fanatsy novel. Burns blood red and pitch shimmery black. 


*ALWAYS burn on a heat safe plate, it is ALL wax and WILL bleed, very cool to look at, not fun to clean up, so enjoy responsibly!

Catacomb Candle

  • NOT for children, Never burn unattended, around pets, drapery, flammable items or children. Remove any botanicals before burning and burn on a heat/fire safe plate/surface. Purchasing this candle declares you have read the candle saftey blog in the FAQ/common Q section and followed the intructions on the candle saftey sticker card that comes with every candle purchase.