With Chamomile Tea brewed right into the nourishing oils of this soap and a very very faint musk, you have a natural mild dye free soap, with intense moisturizing qualities of pure organic olive oil, and a gentle exfoliant of the tea. Great for cold bumps, peeling sunburns and smoothing the skin, that leaves you smelling clean and natural, maybe even more relaxed than you were before!


OLIVE OIL: Noted to have large amounts of Antioxidants, outside of cooking, Olive Oil is more commonly used for its well known intense moisturizing and skin soothing qualities. In Magick: it is often called upon to bring Healing, Peace, Fertility, Protection, Lust (live a little!)


*Given the nature of natural soap, SLIGHT weight, texture and color differences should be expected.

*This is a LOTION oil bar, which means it is a much softer soap, and needs to be stored in a place it can drain well, so it doesnt melt.

Chamomile Tea exfoliating shower bar

  • CARE: Keep soap in a place where it is able to drain, ie: not in a pool of water. This is a softer soap enriched with skin loving herbal oils and great moisturizing qualities, but needs to drain. Have a drain catch for any soaps cotain physical herbs.

    WARNINGS: external use avoiding the eyes. Made with Shea Butter/almond/olive oils! Our shop works/processes products with Shea butter/almond oil and other nut oils. If you have a nut allergy of any kind, extreme caution is advised, Body products are NOT recommended. Always test an area on your body 1st, read the ingredients, and use good judgment when choosing your product.

    - INGREDIENTS: 100% RSPO Certified Sustainable olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, safflower oil, kosher vegetable derived glycerin, organic Shea butter, purified water, cold processed soap, certified organic essential oils and only made in positive energy balance, cleansed space, sacred herbs/family traditions, lots of love and good intent!