This beautiful, strong, statement piece is handmade wrought from copper using an "air chased method"  and hand shaped with hammer and punch, designed to one of a kind artistic perfection. WHere perception of copper is "Soft" air chasing requires repeating softening of the material as it's worked. Over the course of the process the material "Work Hardens" leaving the piece quite rigid and durable.

This piece was made  for everyday wear, fits most and is flattering on all genders. Would make a striking  gift or personal statement. 

Copper Cuff (lightweight)

$30.00 Regular Price
$22.50Sale Price
  • Do not swim or bathe while wearing as pool chemicals/ salt water will induce a forced patina changing the color of the piece unpredictably. 

      Natural color changes will occur over time due to skin oils etc, a simple metal polish and light rub with a soft cloth or extra fine steel wool will bring her right back.

    Please be aware of your own metal sensitivities before purchasing metal work. This piece is solid COPPER.