These are hands down the shoppe favorite from the early days of my candle offerings. The formula is tried and true and has not changed. 4oz burner of my special rose blend, cherry blossom and musk, topped with real rose petals with a dark rish color, and a bundle or rose quartz. creating a lovers paradise and sultry relaxing experience. I have run out of how many times i've been told "this is my favorite candle". Snag yours and Romantacize your life today!


*remove rose petals and crystals before burning.


Rose Quartz: Love crystal. Also said to be characterized by its high conductivity. This quality makes it a perfect and powerful healing stone. It is often used to strengthen the heart and improve blood circulation which helps detoxify the body and has an overall rejuvenating effect. Heart chakra.

Love you to Death

  • NOT for children, Never burn unattended, around pets, drapery, flammable items or children. Remove any botanicals before burning and burn on a heat/fire safe plate/surface. Purchasing this candle declares you have read the candle saftey blog in the FAQ/common Q section and followed the intructions on the candle saftey sticker card that comes with every candle purchase.