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*price reflects extra packaging and shipping costs required to ship this big beauty safely.

*This listing has plaster or paris (painted and sealed black)  plaster is meant for indoor use only or locations where extreme weather will not damage.


 This beautiful piece is hand mixed/poured, hand sanded, painted and sealed to last, and is a wonderful way to show your style in your  home! Sits beautifully in a potted plant, on your altar or desk, mantel or dresser! Would look super cute in a bathroom! Its up to you! Whether you want it just for Halloween or are a year round macabre lover!



LoveYouToDeath trinket dish

  • These are meant for indoor use only

    If using for a candle/votive holder, never leave candle burning unattended, skull may become hot, let cool completely before moving and monitor burn as larger votives will fill the well with wax and may leak over the side.

    If using for succulents/air plants/cacti. aka very low water plants. Best way to water succulents and air plants is to mist lightly with water per watering instructions based on the type of plant you have. NOT recommended for plants that require moderate to heavy watering.

    plaster can be fragile, and while these are made with care and sealed for durability, they WILL break if dropped, banged, scratched or mistreated, so handle with care when moving and use thoughtful/stable placement.

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