The nostalgic scent of warm maple cream will fill your space with a joyful aroma like waking up on a holiday morning and someone else is making breakfast for a change. Whenever I make these candles, my family can't stop oozing over how good the house smells. Wax shimmers upon warming, a bright mystifying gold dance. Topped with 3 raw pyrite chunks that are ethically sourced. 8oz mason jar with lid.

Pyrite: Said to aide with: Intelligence, Mental stability, Logic, Creativity, Optimism, Channeling abilities 

*remove crystals before burning. Let cool completely before moving/lidding

Maple Cream Holiday Candle

  • NOT for children, Never burn unattended, around pets, drapery, flammable items or children. Remove any botanicals/crystals before burning and burn on a heat/fire safe plate/surface. Purchasing this candle declares you have read the candle saftey blog in the FAQ/common Q section and followed the intructions on the candle saftey sticker card that comes with every candle purchase.

    Crystal information is for entertainment purposes only.