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With Ground Coffee brewed right into the nourishing oils of this soap, and a robust invigorating Espresso scent and touch of vanilla, you have a decadent dye free soap, with intense moisturizing qualities of pure organic olive oil, and a great exfoliant of the coffee grounds, Great for cold bumps, and smoothing the foot skin, with the caffiene being said to have a stimulating effect on your skin, inviting your blood cells to dance and inspire healing and collagen production!


CAFFEINE: Caffeine, when applied topically through masks and other skin care treatments, constricts the blood vessels and helps reduce inflammation and puffiness. It also tightens and brightens the skin, reducing wrinkles and visibly smoothing away cellulite on the body, also said to encourage blood circulation for healthier looking skin.


*Given the nature of natural soap, slight weight, texture and color differences should be expected as the grounds settle and color differently in each handmade small batch.

*Keep out of your eyes and sensitive areas, use gentle pressure. avoid sensitive skin or open wounds.

*Note: By popular demand, the coffee beans are for photos only, and you will no longer have to fight with these buggers in your shower.

Nectar of the Gods (exfoliating)

$6.00 Regular Price
$4.20Sale Price
  • CARE: Keep soap in a place where it is able to drain, ie: not in a pool of water. This is a softer soap enriched with skin loving herbal oils and great moisturizing qualities, but needs to drain. Have a drain catch for any soaps contain physical herbs.

    WARNINGS: external use avoiding the eyes. Do not use if you have super sensitive skin or serious skin issues or cuts, as this has a good amount of coffee grounds in it and may be too rough for certain skin types or conditions. Made with Shea Butter/almond/olive oils! Our shop works/processes products with Shea butter/almond oil and other nut oils. If you have a nut allergy of any kind, extreme caution is advised, Body products are NOT recommended. Always test an area on your body 1st, read the ingredients, and use good judgment when choosing your product.

    - INGREDIENTS: 100% RSPO Certified Sustainable olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, safflower oil, kosher vegetable derived glycerin, organic Shea butter, purified water, cold processed soap, certified organic essential oils, actual ground coffee, and only made in positive energy balance, cleansed space, sacred herbs/family traditions, lots of love and good intent!



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