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Humbly, and in tremendous gratitude... after many requests, a listing for signed copies has been created. More books will be added as they are published.


~Currently, signed copies are only available in paperback


~Please see link tree ( for access to platforms that will keep you up to date of title announcments, book updates, publish dates and more. Due to the character limit of the description window here, please see @maz0n for book blurb, if you have come across these for the first time. 


~Each book will be signed, packaged and shipped by C.K.Haworth. In the event shipping duties are handed to an outside party in time, the listing will be changed to reflect that.


~Merch soon; it is currently being approved.


~No book will EVER be signed by anyone other than C.K. Haworth, nor are signed copies offered anywhere but here.


~If in the event they are sold out, please check back in one week for the restock. 

Novels by C.K.Haworth


    Unsigned novels are all available in digital and paperback on @maz0n, and paper back only online at Barnes and Noble. 

    These novels are for 18+ only, and by purchasing, you are verifying you are of age and that responsibility, including any and all response you may have to the contents therein.


    Author C.K. Haworth, HowlingWindsHomestead or its affiliates are not responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail. 

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