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Sea Salt, Black Sea Salt, Rusty Iron Antique Nails: Said to be 3 of the best elements for protection, used alone or combined together. Offeredas a set, to you with great love and care to be used as you see fit in your workings, spells, rituals or just a beautifully hand crafted decoration if you wish! Why not!

Each bottle is sealed and marked with a hand stamped tag.

Protection pack

$25.00 Regular Price
$17.50Sale Price
  • DO NOT EAT or cook with etc...Best to keep out of direct sunlight/extreme heat. NOT for children keep away from minors and pets, NOT for consumption AT ALL.

    By purchasing these items you are declaring that you have read the Common Q's/Fact section that contains the legally required disclaimer on the claims/term of "magic" items and the use of. Thank you.

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