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Available in 2oz Gold Tins.


Folk infused Sesame/Sweet Almond and Olive oil w/ pesticide free organic red rose petals, and rose hips from my wild rose bushes that flourish all over our pesticide/chemical free homestead acres. 


Folk infused Rose Oil: Research as well as personal experiences throughout history tell us that rose oil can improve acne, reduce rosacea, and moisturize divinely. A master emollient to moisturize skin, protecting the skin from moisture loss, said to hep in preventing free radicals/toxins from entering the skin. The skin’s moisture barrier is a critical part of the immune system, and this may help the skin maintain its proper level of nutrients. It has been used for over century and theorized beyond that even, as a beauty product to bring a youthful appearance back to yuor skin and moisturize like no other. 


Rose Hip Oil: Contains vitamin C, which is a known collagen-stimulating nutrient that may help improve skin’s firmness and prevent fine lines. Vitamin C is also known to have a skin-brightening effect, radiant appearance anyone? Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin A , you may know it by its street name: retinol, which may help reduce signs of skin aging, possibly smoothing fine lines and thickening the dermis aka: deeper skin layers, making the skin feel firmer and tighter. Can reduce redness and irritation, calm acne and protect the skin from damage, making it a GREAT winter face treatment and/or protectant for those cold days out in the elements!


Sunflower Oil (bulk of oil used): A rich source of Vitamin E, sunflower oil can improve the health of the skin and the face. With its natural calming and moisturizing properties, it may help reduce redness or the effects of wind burn/severe cold/excess sun exposure. Sunflower oil is also said to protect the skin from the harsh Ultra Violet rays of the skin.


Sweet Almond Oil: Best for sensitive skin, known to lighten scar appearance, moisturize dry skin making it great for hands and feet, as well as strengthhen brittle nails. 


Organic Olive Oil (solidified with Candililla wax) Olive oil contains antioxidants that fight free-radical damage, as well as the ingredient squalene, which is extremely hydrating. It's been used on skin since ancient times, just ask Cleopatra!  Emollient, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, Prevents water loss, Triterpenes, which are present in olive oil  in particular, are said to aid in many biological reactions like those necessary for wound healing: cell migration, cell proliferation, and collagen deposition. They are said to enhance wound repair by reducing the length of time for wound closure.




Due to the legalities of our licensing of what we can claim and words we can use... I encourage you to research the beautiful qualities of the above mentioned herbs and learn for yourself the amazing things this herbal salve can offer.  All customer reviews have claimed astounding performance.


**Rose scent is present as it as infused with very fragrant petals, it is very faint. This salve takes slighly longer to absorb than others, but is worth the wait to let it do its job well, a little goes a long way!

Aphrodite's Rose Salve