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NOTE: this is GREAT for shaving and one of my most popular moisturizing, rich fluffy lather! These bars are big and last! Rustic hand cut blocks of 4.8 to 5+ oz!

An Organic Shea butter & Olive Oil enriched, dye/chemical free rustic lotion bar, made with certified organic lavender essential oils and real, organically grown lavender buds. Great lather performance while leaving a moisturizing pleasant skin feel. Performes best with loofa and/or exfoliating/washing gloves or washcloth. Safe for all areas of the body (avoiding the eyes) and divine for  shaving or a relaxing hot shower after an intense day or workout. Leaves a lovely and gracelful mild scent on body, specifically designed to be non drying and gentle.

*Given the nature of natural soap, SLIGHT weight, texture and color differences should be expected.

**To be more enviornmentally sustainable and as to not waste precious plant matter, lavender buds are not packaged with bar, pure theraputic lavender oil in infused in bar.

Rustic Country Lavender