These 14.5 oz candles are a beautiful mix of Cranberry and Pomegranate.


When burned and cared for properly this candle should yield a 65-90 hr burn time. We recommend, that for every 1cm in diameter, you burn for 30 minutes - so this Jar Candle would be 2+ hours. This will ensure its longevity and avoid tunneling.



Summer Wine

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  • NOT for children, Never burn unattended, around pets, drapery, flammable items or children. Remove any botanicals before burning and burn on a heat/fire safe plate/surface. Purchasing this candle declares you have read the candle saftey blog in the FAQ/common Q section and followed the intructions on the candle saftey sticker card that comes with every candle purchase.

    SNUFF out, keep wic trimed to 1/4 inch for saftey, never burn unattended. By purchasing you verify that you have read our proper candle care blog.